amphi Blandin


09 Nov 2021


14h00 - 15h00

Pascale SENELLART-MARDON – Pure quantum light generation in the solid-state

Résumé :

Light, and more precisely quantum light, is a key ingredient of the emerging second quantum revolution. It is the cornerstone of many applications ranging from quantum computing to quantum networks, offering many flavors of “quantumness” and degrees of freedom to encode the information. We will discuss a platform that has recently emerged to generate of single photons: semiconductor quantum dots. With of all the possibilities offered by semiconductor nano-processing and the tools of cavity quantum electrodynamics, these artificial atoms can generate single photons with unprecedented efficiency and near perfect quantum purity. We now make use of these sources to implement small-scale quantum computing tasks as well as to generate other quantum light states. We also revisit the fundamentals of light-matter interaction and play with them to generate new states of quantum light.

Biographie :

Pascale Senellart received her Ph.D. from the University Paris 6 in 2001 and joined the CNRS end of 2002 after two short postdoctoral positions in industrial laboratories. During the first part of her carrier, she explored quantum optics and cavity quantum electrodynamics phenomena in semiconductor systems. On the way, her team developed interesting devices for the generation and manipulation of quantum light. Her group now focuses on the applications of single-photon sources in quantum computing and quantum communications and continues to develop key devices such as sources of many-entangled photons and non-linear gates. She received the CNRS silver medal in 2014 and was elected OSA Fellow in 2018. In 2017, she cofounded Quandela, a company specialized in single-photon sources and their applications.